Keegan Sullivan

November 03, 2009

Favorite Climbs: Bumboy V3, Horse Pens 40; 

Panda Milk V2, Squamish

Southern Bouldering Tour Video 2017

Coopers Rock Classics Video 2019



Freedom Fries, Grayson Highlands (7/9/18); Dead Serious, Hueco Tanks (12/31/18); Stubby of the Bush Veldt, Hueco Tanks (1/2/19); Zero-Zero, Squamish (7/8/19); Jim Carrey, Squamish (7/11/19).


Frites, Grayson Highlands (9/16/17); I Think I Can, Stone Fort (3/4/18); Fulgora Extension, Grayson Highlands (7/9/18); This Is Your Brain on Drugs, Hueco Tanks (12/24/18); Dragonfly Low, Hueco Tanks (1/1/19); Better Eat Your Wheaties, Hueco Tanks (1/2/19); Discharge, Rocktown (3/16/19); Salt Water, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19); Tasty Freeze Girl Sit, Rumbling Bald (3/28/19); Z Goobenstubar, Squamish (7/23/19); Man Gums, Hueco Tanks (12/29/19).


Man Hands, Stone Fort (3/16/17); Fulgora, Grayson Highlands (7/22/17); The Tao, Rocktown (3/23/18); Fingers Malone, New River Gorge (11/23/18); Slopers Malone Variation, New River Gorge (11/23/18); Mr. Serious, Hueco Tanks (12/24/18); Stegasaur, Hueco Tanks (12/30/18); Dark Backward, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); Crawdaddy Back Low, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); The Politician, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Tasty Freeze Girl, Rumbling Bald (3/28/19); Super Daddy Long Limbs, Squamish (7/29/19); Thomas Pinch-Ons, New River Gorge (10/13/19); Black Lite, New River Gorge (11/10/19).


A Face in the Crowd, Stone Fort (3/12/17); Midway, Stone Fort (3/16/17); Emulation Mode, New River Gorge (4/30/17); Pentagon, Coopers Rock (6/3/17); Dark Horse, Grayson Highlands (7/21/17); Nexus, Grayson Highlands (7/26/17); Bro-ner, New River Gorge (9/9/17); Sierzant Problem, Horse Pens 40 (11/18/17); Now and Zen, Stone Fort (3/4/18); Spank the Baby, Stone Fort (3/22/18); Deception, Rocktown (3/23/18); Split Decision, Rumbling Bald (3/29/18); Eaten Alive, Grayson Highlands (7/11/18); Big Boy, Grayson Highlands (7/12/18); Outlaw Stand, Grayson Highlands (7/14/18); Ghost Dance, Grayson Highlands (7/17/18); Foggy Mountain Fin Direct, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Mouth of Wilson, Grayson Highlands (7/19/18); Slade, KY, New River Gorge (8/25/18); Boxing, Breakneck Ridge (9/30/18); Brass Monkey, Horse Pens 40 (11/17/18); Grab Me, Horse Pens 40 (11/17/18); Big Iron on His Hip, Hueco Tanks (12/27/18); Hector in a Blender, Hueco Tanks (12/28/18); Black Slab Left Sit, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); 11:11, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); Morning Star, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Monkey Bars, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19); Tomb Raider Roof, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Tim's Sloper Problem, Squamish (7/9/19); Square Cut Low, Squamish (7/12/19); Airtight Garage, Squamish (7/13/19); Close Shave, Squamish (7/14/19); Golden Bowl, Squamish (7/27/19); Aspergers, New River Gorge (10/13/19); Oil Sands, New River Gorge (10/13/19); Boxer's Break, New River Gorge (11/10/19); Eckstein Stand, Hueco Tanks (12/22/19).


Tech-Tonic, Grayson Highlands (9/4/16); Mortal Combat, New River Gorge (9/10/16); Drainpipe, Horse Pens 40 (3/15/17); Left of Art of Vogi, Stone Fort (3/16/17); Henchman Low, Grayson Highlands (7/19/17); Macho Man Randy Savage, New River Gorge (9/9/17); The Moe, New River Gorge (9/10/17), Life is Goodlett, Stone Fort (3/3/18); Aneardon, Stone Fort (3/20/18); Boro Traverse, Stone Fort (3/20/18); Bent, Stone Fort (3/20/18); Main Area Traverse, Stone Fort (3/22/18); Main Area Reverse Traverse, Stone Fort (3/22/18); Home Sweet Home, Rumbling Bald (3/28/18); The Clap, Rumbling Bald (3/28/18); The Clap Reverse, Rumbling Bald (3/28/18), Chondroitin Sit Start, Rumbling Bald (3/30/18); Roundhouse, Coopers Rock (4/14/18); Casual Tees, Grayson Highlands (7/10/18); Frisky Monkey, Grayson Highlands (7/12/18); Shang-High Knight, Grayson Highlands (7/12/18); Static Cling, Grayson Highlands (7/14/18); Ranger Rink Link, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Polaris, Grayson Highlands (7/19/18); Mouth of Wilson Arête, Grayson Highlands (7/19/18); Hard Boiled, Grayson Highlands (7/26/18); Man-Child, Grayson Highlands (7/27/18); Croc Hunter, Coll's Cove (9/29/18); Jeckel, Hound Ears (10/6/18); Dearth, Hound Ears (10/6/18); The Bulge, Stone Fort (10/28/18); Out of the Box, Horse Pens (11/3/18); Slopers Malone, New River Gorge (11/23/18); Mopboys Direct, Hueco Tanks (12/25/18); See Sharp, Hueco Tanks (12/25/18); Adolescent Behavior, Hueco Tanks (12/28/18); Baby Fat, Hueco Tanks (12/28/18); Ides of March, Hueco Tanks (12/28/18); Baby Martini, Hueco Tanks (12/29/18); Animal Acts V6 Exit, Hueco Tanks (1/2/19); Nose Candy, Rocktown (3/16/19); Grand Theft Auto Var., Rocktown (3/17/19); Pullin' Tubes, Rocktown (3/17/19); Black Slab Left, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); Terminator Exit, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); Torque Master, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19); Campus Problem Var., Rumbling Bald (3/28/19); And the Devil Said Please, Rumbling Bald (3/28/19); Keep on Moving, Squamish (7/5/19); Depth Charge, Squamish (7/13/19); Peelin' Monkey, Squamish (7/18/19); Radioactive Banana, Squamish (7/18/19); Minor Threat, Squamish (7/26/19); Super Daddy Long Limbs, Squamish (7/29/19); Crazy Chair, Squamish (7/29/19); Cristal, New River Gorge (11/10/19).


Tomb Raider Var., Coopers Rock (4/16/16); Ship’s Traverse, Coopers Rock (6/30/16); Street Fighter, Grayson Highlands (7/25/16); The Crotch Potato, Hound Ears (10/1/16); Heckel, Hound Ears (10/1/16); Jeckel, Hound Ears (10/1/16); Mulletino Variation, Horse Pens 40 (3/15/17); Sternum, Stone Fort (3/16/17); Cheese Grater, Stone Fort (3/20/17); Hammerhead, Horse Pens 40 (3/22/17); Breaking and Entering, Rocktown (3/23/17); Holy Roller, Rocktown (3/23/17); True Grit, Grayson Highlands (7/20/17); Alchemy Boulder 2, Grayson Highlands (7/20/17); Transpiration Direct, Grayson Highlands (7/20/17); Tilted Tree, Grayson Highlands (7/21/17); Athos Arête, Grayson Highlands (7/23/17); Athos Right, Grayson Highlands (7/23/17); Tiger Side, Grayson Highlands (7/25/17), Star Chaser Arête, Grayson Highlands (7/26/17); Sit Start on the Relish, Grayson Highlands (7/26/17); Are We Lost, Coopers Rock (8/9/17); Mechanical Sensei, New River Gorge (9/9/17); Toblerome, New River Gorge (9/9/17); O-Face, New River Gorge (9/10/17); Severe Underbite, Coopers Rock (9/30/17); Love the Mantle, Coopers Rock (9/30/17); Pocket Problem Sit Down, Hound Ears (10/7/17); Dr. Tweek’s Bulge, Hound Ears (10/7/17); The Mad Splatter, Hound Ears (10/7/17); Monster Extension, Stone Fort (10/21/17); Whiplash, Horse Pens 40 (11/18/17); Sunnie Rose, Stone Fort (3/3/18); Steamroller, Stone Fort, (3/3/18);  Big Wheel, Stone Fort (3/3/18); Mother Thrutch, Stone Fort (3/4/18); Crystal Ball, Stone Fort (3/20/18); Latin for Dagger, Stone Fort (3/20/18); The 700 Club, Horse Pens 40 (3/21/18); White Trash, Stone Fort (3/22/18); Tough Love, Rocktown (3/23/18); Pigs in a Blanket, Rumbling Bald (3/30/18); Sleeping in Bed, Rumbling Bald (3/31/18); Ship's Prow Var., Coopers Rock (4/14/18); Reverie, Grayson Highlands (7/10/18); Front Man, Grayson Highlands (7/11/18); Rapid Oxidation (7/28/18); Sic Rig, New River Gorge (8/25/18); Impossibru, New River Gorge (8/25/18); Thearetical, New River Gorge (8/25/18); Anti-Elvis Var., Coopers Rock (8/26/18); Humility, Coopers Rock (8/26/18); Main Bloc Arete Full, Breakneck Ridge (9/30/18); Flash or Trash, Hound Ears (10/6/18); Damage Inc., Hound Ears (10/6/18); The Puzzler, Hound Ears (10/6/18); Satan's in the Tires, Hound Ears (10/6/18); Sideline, Horse Pens 40 (11/17/18); VIP, Horse Pens 40 (11/17/18); The Dancing Outlaw, New River Gorge (11/23/18); Amazing Little Halfboy, Hueco Tanks (12/24/18); Shooting for the Hole, Hueco Tanks (12/24/18); Brutus, Hueco Tanks (12/28/18); Girls of Texas, Hueco Tanks (12/29/18); Dean's Trip, Hueco Tanks (12/30/18); Dragonfly, Hueco Tanks (1/1/19); Three Star Arete Sit, Hueco Tanks (1/1/19); Animal Acts, Hueco Tanks (1/2/19); Meatmaker, Hueco Tanks (1/2/19); Soap on a Rope Var., Rocktown (3/16/19); Double Trouble, Rocktown (3/17/19); Pinch Loaf, Rocktown (3/17/19); Police Brutality, Rocktown (3/17/19); Mr. Stiffy, Rocktown (3/17/19); Diamond in the Rough, Rocktown (3/18/19); Rotator Cuff, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); Campus Problem, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); Black Slab Right Sit, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); Kung Fu Grip, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); The Politician Stand, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Poop in Your Soup, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Ship's Prow, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); George Washington's Nose, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Helicopter, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Bizarro, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Bizarro Slab Variation, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Tomb Raider Roof Stand, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Timeless, Squamish (7/3/19); Sweetfall, Squamish (7/4/19); Lock, Squamish (7/5/19); Tim's Extension, Squamish (7/5/19); Kee-Ra-Sha, Squamish (7/5/19); Viper, Squamish (7/8/19); Tim's Sloper Problem, Squamish (7/9/19); Slave to the Pushers, Squamish (7/9/19); Swank Stretch, Squamish (7/9/19); Space Monkey, Squamish (7/14/19); Hog Wild, Squamish (7/15/19); Re-Up, Squamish (7/15/19); A Stroke of Luck, Squamish (7/15/19); Monkey Link, Squamish (7/18/19); Into the Light, Squamish (7/18/19); Payne Management, Squamish (7/19/19); The Crimp, Squamish (7/19/19); Jolly Green Giant, Squamish (7/19/19); Arch Enemy, Squamish (7/20/19); Hooked by the Gills, Squamish (7/25/19); Coral Right, Coopers Rock (10/5/19); Egyptian Root Canal, New River Gorge (10/13/19); Eckstein Stand, Hueco Tanks (12/22/19); Magnet Flake, Hueco Tanks (12/31/19); Jigsaw, Hueco Tanks (12/31/19).

Killian Sullivan

December 09, 2011

Favorite Climbs:  Merlin V1, Horse Pens 40; Swank Stretch V5, Squamish



This is Your Brain on Drugs, Hueco Tanks (12/31/19).


Bro-ner, New River Gorge (10/13/19).



Tech-tonic, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Grand Theft Auto Var., Rocktown (3/17/19); Home Sweet Home, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19).



Street Fighter, Grayson Highlands (7/28/18); Amazing Little Halfboy, Hueco Tanks (12/31/18); Breaking & Entering, Rocktown (3/16/19); Poop in Your Soup, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Tomb Raider Variation, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Sweetfall, Squamish (7/4/19); Peeler Low, Squamish (7/18/19); Swank Stretch, Squamish (7/29/19).



Lazy Susan, Rumbling Bald (3/30/18); Warm-up Wall Arete, Coopers Rock (6/16/18); Periscope, Grayson Highlands (7/16/18), Drone, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Tsunami Arete, Breakneck Ridge (9/30/18); Edge of Jang, Hueco Tanks (1/2/19); Jug Surfin', Rocktown (3/16/19); Step Ladder, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); Standard of Excellence, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); Peeler, Squamish (7/18/19); Portable, Squamish (7/29/19); Dab, Hueco Tanks (12/30/19).


The Mummy, Stone Fort (10/8/17); Seam Eliminate, Stone Fort (3/20/18); Justice for All, Grayson Highlands (7/14/18); Bombsight, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Ronski Feint, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18), Copperhead, Grayson Highlands (7/19/18); Hot Pocket, New River Gorge (8/25/18); Friends of Coal, New River Gorge (8/25/18); Chris Loves Florida, New River Gorge (8/25/18); FUP, Coopers Rock (8/26/18); Clarity Var., Coopers Rock (8/26/18); The Stand, Stone Fort (10/28/18); Pancake Mantle Triple Crown, Stone Fort (10/28/18); Holly Roller, Stone Fort (10/28/18); Red Arrow, Horse Pens 40 (11/17/18); All the Idiots, Hueco Tanks (12/24/18); Thin White Line, Hueco Tanks (12/27/18); Sign of the Cross, Hueco Tanks (12/27/18); Ostracizer, Hueco Tanks (12/28/18); Trouble, Rocktown (3/17/19); Black Slab Right, Rumbling Bald (3/23/19); Come Out and Play, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Tomb Raider, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Ray Charles Traverse, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Shade Mantle, Squamish (7/3/19); Anatomy Lesson, Squamish (7/8/19); Crackhead, Squamish (7/8/19); The Sickle, Squamish (7/11/19); Inside Out, Squamish (7/11/19); Inside Out and About, Squamish (7/11/19); Go Gadget Arms, Squamish (7/12/19); Rhino Face, Squamish (7/15/19); Death Star, Squamish (7/21/19); Moby's Dick, Coopers Rock (10/5/19), PC7, Coopers Rock (10/5/19); Skimmer, Hueco Tanks (12/25/19); Instant Classic, Hueco Tanks (12/28/19).

Lochlann Sullivan

April 04, 2013

Favorite Climbs:  Tyrannosaurus Arete V0, New River Gorge; Portable V4, Squamish


Home Sweet Home, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19).


Periscope, Grayson Highlands (7/16/18); Standard of Excellence, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Squamish (7/21/19); Portable, Squamish (7/29/19).


The Mummy, Stone Fort (10/29/17); Ronski Feint, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Friends of Coal, New River Gorge (8/25/18); The Stand, Stone Fort (10/28/18); Come Out and Play, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19).


Salt, Rumbling Bald (3/30/18); Jenga, Grayson Highlands (7/11/18); Meatloaf, Grayson Highlands (7/16/18); Swagger, Grayson Highlands (7/19/18); Clarity, Coopers Rock (8/26/18); Pearl Necklace, Horse Pens (11/3/18); A Minor, Hueco Tanks (12/25/18); El Marko, Hueco Tanks (12/27/18); The Muppets, Rumbling Bald (3/24/19); A Touch of Tango, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Big Bottoms, Squamish (7/3/19); Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Squamish (7/13/19); Break Away, Squamish (7/13/19); Tennis Star, Squamish (7/14/19); Mama Didn't Raise No Fool, Squamish (7/15/19); Up from the Depths, Squamish (7/26/19); This is Your Brain on Drugs Stand, Hueco Tanks (12/31/19).

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