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The boys are enjoying their days climbin

Lochlann Sullivan

April 04, 2013

Favorite Climb: Portable V4, Squamish 


Stubby of the Bush Veldt, Hueco Tanks (12/23/21).


Deadbeat Dads, Lake Tahoe (7/2/21); This is Your Brain on Drugs, Hueco Tanks (12/23/21).


Exploded Diaper Sit, Lake Tahoe (6/18/21).



Bro-ner, New River Gorge (10/18/20); FUPA Slap Stand, Moore's Wall (5/2/21); Ho Chi Minh, Lake Tahoe (6/9/21); Minor Adjustment, Lake Tahoe (6/13/21); Midway, Stone Fort (11/6/21); Hector in a Blender, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21).



Home Sweet Home, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19); Tech-tonic, Grayson Highlands (7/29/20); Teardrop, Coopers Rock (9/12/20); Hannibal Loki, Lake Tahoe (6/19/21); Cronus, Grayson Highlands (10/23/21); Lullibies for Criminals, Grayson Highlands (10/24/21).


Street Fighter, Grayson Highlands (7/20/20); 19V4, New River Gorge (9/19/20); Yoga Moves, Rocktown (12/26/20); The Contrail, Rocktown (12/26/20); Touchin' Cotton, Rocktown (12/27/20); Don't Fear the Reaser, Moore's Wall (5/1/21); Mustang, Raven Rocks (5/15/21); Polecat, Lake Tahoe (6/15/21); Exploded Diaper, Lake Tahoe (6/18/21); Top of Snowshed Unnamed, Lake Tahoe (6/19/21); Night Terror, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); Tomb Raider Sit, Coopers Rock (9/26/21); Kent Clark, Flat Rocks (10/17/21); Front Man, Grayson Highlands (10/24/21); Cheesegrater, Stone Fort (11/6/21); T-Bone Kerfuffle, Hueco Tanks (12/26/21); Walrus in a Blender, Hueco Tanks (12/27/21).

Other Classics

V4: Portable, Squamish (7/30/19); Wein's Law, Lake Tahoe (6/13/21); Milano Munchkin, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); Hooker, Obed (11/7/21); Driver, Rumbling Bald (11/25/21); Harvest, Rumbling Bald (11/27/21).  V3: Moby’s Dick, Coopers Rock (9/26/20); Men are from Moores, Moores Wall (10/9/20); Sign of the Cross, Hueco Tanks (12/20/21).  V2: Pancake Mantle, Stone Fort (3/5/18); Nobody Here Gets Out Alive, Hueco Tanks (12/24/21); Vulgarian, Hueco Tanks (12/27/21).  V1: Merlin, Horse Pens 40 (3/21/18); Oh-V1-Kenobi, Moore's Wall (10/9/20). V0: Winding Down, Squamish (7/21/19); Goforia, Rocktown (12/26/20); Cheesecake Arete, Zahnd (3/30/21); Assorted Turtle Dome Boulders, Yosemite (7/7/21); Assorted Boulders, Rock City Park (7/12/21).

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