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Running to Grayson Highlands this weeken

Killian Sullivan

December 09, 2011

Favorite Climb: Swank Stretch V5, Squamish 


Schwerer Gustav, Hueco Tanks (12/26/21).



Stubby of the Bush Veldt, Hueco Tanks (12/23/21); Dead Serious, Hueco Tanks (12/28/21).



This is Your Brain on Drugs, Hueco Tanks (12/31/19); Deadbeat Dads, Lake Tahoe (7/2/21); Candy Ass, Yosemite (7/6/21); Frites and Cassoulet, Grayson Highlands (10/23/21); Sigourney Weaver, Grayson Highlands (10/24/21); Salt Water, Rumbling Bald (11/25/21); Banana Juice, Hueco Tanks (12/24/21).



Man Hands, Stone Fort (10/3/20); Rainbird, Lake Tahoe (6/13/21); Exploded Diaper Sit, Lake Tahoe (6/18/21); Fulgora, Grayson Highlands (10/23/21); Mojo, Obed (11/7/21); Mr. Serious, Hueco Tanks (12/27/21).


Bro-ner, New River Gorge (10/13/19); Dark Horse, Grayson Highlands (7/22/20); Oil Sands, New River Gorge (9/19/20); A Face in the Crowd, Stone Fort (10/3/20); Midway, Stone Fort (10/3/20); There's No I in Illiterate, New River Gorge (10/18/20); Iron Pig, Coopers Rock (4/10/21); Grab Me, Horse Pens 40 (12/23/20); FUPA Slap Stand, Moore's Wall (5/2/21); Mustang Extension, Raven Rock (5/15/21); Ho Chi Minh, Lake Tahoe (6/9/21); Continuum, Lake Tahoe (6/13/21); Minor Adjustment, Lake Tahoe (6/13/21); Sweet & Low, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); You Break It You Bought It, Lake Tahoe (6/30/21); Tomb Raider Roof, Coopers Rock (9/26/21); Pocket Pool, Flat Rocks (10/17/21); Flexorsizer, Obed (11/7/21); Monkey Bars, Rumbling Bald (11/25/21); Fear of a Flat Planet, Rumbling Bald (11/26/21); 11:11, Rumbling Bald (11/27/21); Brackish Water Stand, Rumbling Bald (11/27/21); Hector in a Blender, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21); Eckstein Stand, Hueco Tanks (12/23/21).


Tech-tonic, Grayson Highlands (7/18/18); Grand Theft Auto Var., Rocktown (3/17/19); Home Sweet Home, Rumbling Bald (3/27/19); Gum Drop Sit, Grayson Highlands (7/21/20); Biggie Small, Grayson Highlands (7/21/20); Cronus, Grayson Highlands (7/25/20); Lullibies for Criminals, Grayson Highlands (6/26/20); Casual Tees, Grayson Highlands (7/29/20); Los Nuggets, Chippewa Creek Gorge (8/30/20); Teardrop, Coopers Rock (9/12/20); Locksmith, Moore's Wall (10/9/20); Mortal Combat, New River Gorge (10/17/20); Macho Man Randy Savage, New River Gorge (10/18/20); Nose Candy, Rocktown (12/26/20); Skin Graph, Rocktown (12/27/20); Tooth, Zahnd (3/30/21); The Upside Down Stand, Moore's Wall (5/2/21); Manhattan Project, Lake Tahoe (6/9/21); I Read the Articles, Lake Tahoe (6/17/21); Hannibal Loki, Lake Tahoe (6/19/21); Ginja Ninja, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); Cronus, Coopers Rock (10/23/21); Fortune, Stone Fort (11/6/21); Jr's Corner, Obed (11/7/21); Ranger Rob, Obed (11/7/21); Warm-up Traverse, Looking Glass (11/24/21); Torque Master, Rumbling Bald (11/25/21); Split Decision, Rumbling Bald (11/27/21); Contact, Rumbling Bald (11/27/21); See Sharp, Hueco Tanks (12/20/21); See Spot Run, Hueco Tanks (12/21/21); Baby Fat, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21); Ides of March, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21).


Street Fighter, Grayson Highlands (7/28/18); Amazing Little Halfboy, Hueco Tanks (12/31/18); Breaking & Entering, Rocktown (3/16/19); Poop in Your Soup, Rumbling Bald (3/26/19); Tomb Raider Variation, Coopers Rock (4/13/19); Sweetfall, Squamish (7/4/19); Peeler Low, Squamish (7/18/19); Swank Stretch, Squamish (7/29/19); Catalyst Stand, Grayson Highlands (7/21/20); Cut Throat, Grayson Highlands (7/21/20); True Grit, Grayson Highlands (7/27/20); Front Man, Grayson Highlands (7/28/20); Sit on the Relish, Grayson Highlands (7/29/20); Half Hunkered Lizard, Coopers Rock (9/12/20); Brain Traverse, Coopers Rock (9/12/20); 19V4, New River Gorge (9/19/20); Humility, Coopers Rock (9/26/20); The Three Sisters, Moore's Wall (10/9/20); Emery, Moore's Wall (10/9/20); Leaving Las Fayetteville, New River Gorge (10/17/20); Jaded Stand, New River Gorge (10/17/19); Steel Fingers, New River Gorge (10/17/20); Mechanical Sensei, New River Gorge (10/18/20); Toblerone, New River Gorge (10/18/20); Bullet Roof, Moore's Wall (10/31/20); The Misanthrope, Moore's Wall (10/31/20); Hammerhead, Horse Pens 40 (12/23/20); Yoga Moves, Rocktown (12/26/20); The Contrail, Rocktown (12/26/20); Standard Variation, Rocktown (12/26/20); Touchin' Cotton, Rocktown (12/27/20); Sunnie Rose, Stone Fort, (12/28/20); Sternum, Stone Fort (3/29/21); Bringing Up the Rear, Zahnd (3/30/21); Backstage Girl, Zahnd (3/30/21); Punch to the Pinch Line, Zahnd (3/30/21); War Pigs, Coopers Rock (4/10/21); Unplugged, Coopers Rock (4/10/21); Miss Piggy, Coopers Rock (4/10/21); C.P.J., New River Gorge (4/17/19); Inclusion, Moore's Wall (5/1/21); Don't Fear the Reaser, Moore's Wall (5/1/21); The Demogorgon Stand, Moore's Wall (5/2/21); The Raven, Raven Rock (5/15/21); Hostile Takeover, Raven Rocks (5/15/21); Night Moves Arete, Raven Rocks (5/15/21); Melancholy, Raven Rocks (5/15/21); Mustang, Raven Rock (5/15/21); The Short Bus, Lake Tahoe (6/8/21); Foot to Mouth, Lake Tahoe (6/11/21); Polecat, Lake Tahoe (6/15/21); Exploded Diaper, Lake Tahoe (6/18/21); Mad Messiah, Lake Tahoe (6/19/21); Top of Snowshed Unnamed, Lake Tahoe (6/19/21); Night Terror, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); Beach Chair, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); War of Attrition, Lake Tahoe (6/24/21); Gemstone, Lake Tahoe (6/30/21); Kent Clark, Flat Rocks (10/17/21); Cheesegrater, Stone Fort (11/6/21); Warm-up Traverse, Looking Glass (11/24/21); Third Strike, Hueco Tanks (12/20/21); Hobbit in a Blender, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21); Brutus, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21); Dragonfly, Hueco Tanks (12/22/21); Jigsaw, Hueco Tanks (12/23/21); Lobster Claw, Hueco Tanks (12/24/21); Girls of Texas, Hueco Tanks (12/25/21); T-Bone Kerfuffle, Hueco Tanks (12/26/21); Walrus in a Blender, Hueco Tanks (12/27/21); Shoot for the Hole, Hueco Tanks (12/27/21).

Other Classics

V4:  Portable, Squamish (7/30/21); Gundercling, New River Gorge (11/30/19); Hooker, Obed (7/11/20); Hemlock Arete, Obed (11/8/20); Summit Fever, Lake Tahoe (6/1//21); Wein's Law, Lake Tahoe (6/13/21); Milano Munchkin, Lake Tahoe (6/23/21); Three Minute Lizard Fight, Lake Tahoe (6/25/21); Harvest, Rumbling Bald (11/27/21); Girls of Juarez, Hueco Tanks (12/25/21).  V3:  Sign of the Cross, Hueco Tanks (12/27/18); Crackhead, Squamish (7/8/19); Moby’s Dick, Cooper Rock (10/6/19); Ribcage, Stone Fort (10/3/20); Bumboy, Horse Pens 40 (12/23/20); The Knife, Lake Tahoe (6/9/21); Swingers, Stone Fort (11/6/21). V2:  Pancake Mantle, Stone Fort (3/3/18); Nobody Here Gets Out Alive, Hueco Tanks (1/1/19); Highland Highball, Grayson Highlands (7/24/20); Block and Tackle, Stone Fort (12/28/20); Ribbit, Zahnd (3/30/31); Ghetto Simulator, Hueco Tanks (12/21/21). V1:  Merlin, Horse Pens 40 (3/21/18); Detached Flake, Squamish (7/21/19); The Rib, Stone Fort (10/4/20); Oh-V1-Kenobi, Moore's Wall (10/9/20); Hersheys Symphony, Hueco Tanks (12/20/21). V0:  Goforia, Rocktown (3/16/19); Winding Down, Squamish (7/21/19); Summer Vacation, Squamish (7/8/19); Obediah R, Obed (11/8/20); Cheesecake Arete, Zahnd (3/30/21); Annie’s Full Moon, Zahnd (3/30/31); Slabtastic Voyage, Lake Tahoe (6/22/21); Assorted Turtle Dome Boulders, Yosemite (7/7/21); Assorted Boulders, Rock City Park (7/12/21).


Clay City Exit 11a, Red River Gorge (9/6/20); Golden Snow Cone 10c, Red River Gorge (9/6/20); When Rats Attack 10b, Red River Gorge (9/6/20); Raindancer 10a, Red River Gorge (9/5/20).

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