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In 2013, the family started planning for the arrival of a third child.  With three boys, all under the age of 4, Brandon and Heidi knew they needed a space for them to grow, burn energy, and have fun.  To provide that environment, they began to finish their basement.  Weeks later, and tired of dry walling, Brandon suggested that the family build a home climbing wall.  Heidi was initially surprised since neither of them were climbers, but she agreed it would be a great opportunity for the kids.

Almost immediately, they took to the simple 12 x 8 foot wall.  They began asking for additional opportunities to climb, and the family began searching for gyms in surrounding neighborhoods.  They found Vertical Adventures and Kinetic Climbing & Fitness - both only a short drive away.  Here, the family was introduced to an amazing community that further deepened their passion for climbing.  While they love training in the gym, the true loves lies in the outdoors - both bouldering and hiking.

The Basement Home Wall


The Boys

Keegan (12)

Killian (9)

Lochlann (8)

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